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Resumes of Key Management

It is often a good idea to highlight the backgrounds of the principals of the company within the business plan, but a complete resume is unnecessary in the body of the plan. You can however put a complete resume of each principal owner or manager in this section. Business plans often hinge on the experience and expertise of the principals and when this is the case complete resumes are required. It is important to the reader that they can trust the decision making capability of the management team. Always highlight project management and financial management skills.

Pictures and Drawings

There is nothing wrong with adding drawings and pictures of the products within the body of the business plan. If however they will detract from the reading of the plan it’s best to add them here. You can also put advertising brochures, pictures of webpages, and marketing material in this section. Keep the layout clean and professional. The appendix can add a lot to the overall understanding of the products and services offered. Plans that are hosted on a server or webpage and/or sent electronically can also include video demonstrations, interactive displays, trial versions of software, or imbedded advertising material. Be sure the links work and that only an authorized viewer can see materials hosted on the internet.

Related Documents

You can add copies of pending orders, client testimonials, news articles and related material here. If you have detailed market research its best to put it here even if you snip important segments out for the body of the plan.