Crafting the Business Concept

The Business Model

A lot of the material in the business plan is about the structure and layout of the business. This is necessary, but don’t get so enamored with the process that you forget to clearly articulate what problem is being solved for the customer — why the customer will recognize that this is a problem, and how you provide the solution.


In this business plan layout, we encourage you to provide a quick overview of the history, location and operation of the firm, but no great detail is added in this section – it is almost a brief introduction. This layout gives adequate space in the Company section later to elaborate. The reader need to have a “bird’s eye view” of the operation to understand the products or services offered, but doesn’t need everything at this point. Understandably a certain amount of redundancy within the plan is unavoidable. Many of the things highlighted in the executive summary are repeated in the sections to follow. Just because it is redundant doesn’t mean that it has to be exactly the same wording. Be creative, say the same thing in a different way and it is more palatable reading.