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Business Plan Resources

The national Agricultural Statistics Service reports* that farmers spent $289 Billion to produce agriculture products last year. In contrast to a national economy that has been in a recession for the past several years, the agriculture industry has seen some record receipts and increasing demand. Yes, agriculture is big business! Yet, on the heels of record prices come increasing costs for fuel, insurance, labor, and all the inputs necessary to get the product from the source to the family table. Because profits are being squeezed, everyone in agribusiness needs to budget and plan each move carefully. For someone entering into business or expanding into a new area, strong planning and projections are required.

To assist you in this planning process we have provided some highly useful tools. Included in this resource section is a detailed template for a business plan with a guide that focuses on agribusiness. To develop projections two different spreadsheet layouts are provided. One is a budgeting plan for those enterprises that maintain books on a cash basis and another using an accrual accounting basis. Combining the business plan with the appropriate financial projections can provide the agribusiness enterprise with a well-developed plan for the future.