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Growing for Profit

This Fast Track series focuses on the business of farming and will feature a wide variety of topics. The goal of this series is to provide agricultural producers of all sizes, industries and stages of growth the tools to succeed at the business of farming. Whether a prospective small farmer or an established family farm evaluating growth this series has something to offer. Topics include developing a business plan for your operation, legal and tax structures suited for farming, tax basics, regulations, and financing the agricultural enterprise.

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Succession Planning

There is a great article in the December issue of Greenhouse Grower that covers the issue of succession planning and family farms.  This is often a tough issue to tackle as a family, but the article does a good job giving you the story of 2 families that have travelled down this road successfully.  The […]

Live Oak Farmer’s Market Receives USDA Grant

  The Live Oak Farmer’s Market just received a USDA grant to boost agribusiness in our area. The Small Business Development Center is excited to be involved with helping vendors grow their agribusiness.

Dr. McCoy’s Tricorder Now Available for Produce Growers

I grew up watching Star Trek.  I was always intrigued by the gadgetry.  The show had communicators, phasers, tractor beams and a transporter room!  Many of these futuristic ideas have become reality in our time.  The produce grower can now utilize the idea of Dr. McCoy’s Tricorder on his produce!  Felix Instruments has introduced a […]

Revenue Growth Ideas for Farmers and Growers

There are a couple of good articles in The American Grower publication that cover different ideas for increasing farm revenue.  There is a very good article on U-pick farming that covers almost every aspect of this strategy, including what products work best and what crops to avoid.  One online comment cautioned about lawsuit liability.  The […]

Farm to School Fact Sheets

Check out these short and sweet Farm to School Fact Sheets  ==>>

Farming Smart – Saving Money

This is a great article and video explaining the benefit of smart farming and using the data and tools at your disposal to save money and decrease chemical use when it is not needed or beneficiary.  An old Dutch proverb says: “Meten is Weten” which means: “Measuring is Knowing”  This is an example of measuring, […]

How to Secure a Farm Loan

There is a good article this month in the  Florida Grower about securing a farm loan.  Remember that your Small Business Development Center consultants can help you develop your Business Plan and financial projections in preparation for your meeting with the loan officer.

Meet us at the Florida Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference

The purpose of the annual Florida Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference is to provide farmers with up-to-date, research-based, in-depth educational information. The conference aims to facilitate solutions-based collaboration by encouraging networking and an open dialog among members of Florida’s small farms community.  Attendees participate in workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and organized networking activities, enabling them […]

USDA Announces New Support for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

  USDA Announces New Support for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers   Department Implementing New Farm Bill Programs, Unveiling New Centralized Online Resource to Support Next Generation of Farmers   DAVIS, Calif., June 23, 2014 – U.S. Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden today announced the implementation of new Farm Bill measures and other policy changes to […]

Farmer’s Market Links

This post will be dedicated to some Farmer’s Market Links as we try to streamline the infrastructure between the grower and the plate. I also like the branding for the Live Oak Farmer’s Market – 3 parts, easy to remember and easy to understand – Make It – Bake It – Grow It! Farm to […]

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