Management – Duties and Responsibilities in an Ag Enterprise

Duties and Responsibilities

Agriculture enterprises are somewhat the same, but also different than non-ag businesses in that the variables of soil, weather, supply and demand add to the complexity of the management. Many of these factors interact and influence one another. A timely and accurate decision must be made by management to take advantage of every opportunity. Managers of Ag related organizations deal with products that are often time sensitive. They must be planted, harvested, processed and utilized within an appropriate time frame. Many Ag products don’t keep or store well for a long period of time, making efficiency an important component of the production process. Nearly everything in agriculture is labor intensive. At one time in our history the family farm with children as home-grown labor was commonplace. This has largely been replaced with seasonal or hired labor within an organizational structure. The decision making process within an organization is typically shared between several managers each responsible for a different segment of the production process. Coordination and control of the enterprise is important.