Agriculture Facilities Layout


Agribusinesses have often developed over a period of years with add-on buildings and the instillation of additional equipment with limited funds. This often leads to be a less-than-optimum layout that can increase labor, increase damage due to handling, and may also lead to more accidents and injury. Agribusiness people often prefer to go it alone and to “make do” with available resources. From this we often see setups where buildings are a hodgepodge of makeshift structures that were planned “on the fly”. Equipment was often added where space allowed. Some are inefficient and downright dangerous.

Today, labor, fuel and time all influence the layout of any enterprise and make efficient use of resources necessary. Old outdated equipment should be replaced with modern versions that have built in safety guards and shutoff switches. Building layout should be drawn and engineered by professionals that understand the most efficient way to incorporate energy saving and environmental planning. Huge efficiencies in production can be gained by carefully considering how product moves through each station and what processes are employed at each step.

Computerized operations and processing can reduce the labor required to process products for market and can produce an end product that is of higher quality and consistency.