Facility Layout

Base of Operations

Most businesses tend to have a central hub or location that serves as a headquarters. In addition some of the elements of the business may be in an off-site location. Give the reader a sense of what the organization will look like and how it operates. It may not be critical to you at this point, but the reader will not get a good feeling for your sense of management style unless you help them understand the physical substance of the business.

If your business is conducted online you still have a physical location of some sort. Even if this is your back bedroom, you should clearly articulate to your reader the context in which you operate. The visual picture that the reader gets is important in any business plan.

From your base of operations you are likely to hire people from the general area. Include as much about how the location and facility influences the end product or service as needed if it is important. Provide only as much as necessary to give the reader an understanding of how you conduct business.