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Growing for Profit

This Fast Track series focuses on the business of farming and will feature a wide variety of topics. The goal of this series is to provide agricultural producers of all sizes, industries and stages of growth the tools to succeed at the business of farming. Whether a prospective small farmer or an established family farm evaluating growth this series has something to offer. Topics include developing a business plan for your operation, legal and tax structures suited for farming, tax basics, regulations, and financing the agricultural enterprise.

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More Young People See Opportunities in Farming

From a Wisconsin factory worker becoming a dairy farmer to a nuclear engineer getting into cattle ranching in Texas there are signs that more people in their 20s and 30s are going into farming. Enrollment in university agriculture programs has increased, as has interest in farmer-training programs. Young people are turning up at farmers markets and are using social media to promote their agricultural endeavors and they are citing two reasons for going into farming: Many find the corporate world stifling and see no point in sticking it out when there’s little job security; and demand for locally grown and organic foods has been strong enough that even in the downturn they feel confident they can sell their products.  Agriculture fared better than many parts of the economy during the recession, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts record profits for farmers as a whole this year.  Read more here:



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