Strategic Planning

Step-by-step process

Operations management is about the careful step-by-step control and monitoring of each stage of the production process. This requires the right ingredients, the correct labor and energy, and the right techniques be applied at the right time. Every step of the process must be monitored to maintain a consistent output.

Much of operations management is the control of the units of production. This includes the raw materials; energy; facilities needed; and of course, labor. How management will get, use and control labor is the key section of any management system.  This is where experience and a quality management team can be of great benefit.

Adjusting the plan

If you are a startup company the reader of the plan is going to be skeptical of your plan even if you have detailed every step. That’s because no matter how well laid out a plan is, it will likely need tweaking and adjusting to get the bugs out. This trial-n-error process can be time, labor, and financially consuming. Whether this derails your plan depends on the product or service offered. A restaurant for example cannot experiment with the customer on opening day. It has to be perfect from the start. Other markets are more flexible and the consumer is willing to participate in the development of new and exciting changes as the product matures.